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About the Project

We carry heavy burdens... Wrongdoings, derisions, concerns, sufferings... We do not cease, we fall, we wither, and Earth’s heart listens to our steps echoing in her viscera, and her Crystals hear and purify them...

We think too much, speak too much, aloud and to ourselves, we scream, we weep... Tree branches swing and echo our words, sifting them away to the Heavens... Forgetting the Primary Cause, we discern and see nothing but the burdens of decay, hurrying and stumbling under their load…

When I take pictures, every so often passers-by look at me intrigued, what am I doing, what am I  aiming my lens at... And pondering on what has been invisible to them, they exclaim to each other “Ah! I have been passing by here every day and I have failed to see…“ And their faces lighten up, brighten up, if only for an instance. They steer their thoughts to the Primordial, the Sublime, the Divine, to which their Souls aspire, but often they do not apprehend and do not hear them...

And so the idea for the “Chinari” exhibition was born during one of my many meetings with these trees in the Prince's Garden in Sofia. Stately in all their allure and power, they watched everyone who passed their way. From the contact with their crowns and branches, contemplating them with my camera, I was transported into their magical realms, and my soul rejoiced with delight.

With the “Chinari” project and exhibition, through voice and image, sound and music, I attempt to tell their personal stories, the stories of their branches and stems. I try to recreate the communication with the help of concise poetic forms and sounds, so we can look at the surrounding world of trees from another perspective, to reveal the images that we fail to see in our hectic everyday life. The musical and sound variety aims to build an additional picture and, as a full-fledged language, to enhance the interest, to focus the attention and to actively communicate with our feelings and emotions, focusing us on the presented visual and poetic forms. The exhibition seeks to bring together different approaches in contemporary art – music, electronic sound, lyrical texts, voice and photographs.

Project participants:

Artist, photography, text, music, piano and voice – Linda Barbara Karl Vatsulka

Sound recording, arrangement, mixing and mastering – Pavel Stoychev

Translation – Milena Kardaleva

Public Relations – Margarita Eneva

The project was implemented with the financial support of the National Culture Fund.

I am wholeheartedly grateful to all my Teachers, and Augustina Vasileva Vatsulka, Georgi Yosifov,
Nikolay and Maria Ilievi, Milena Bojanova and Kiril Vandov


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